A friend forwarded me this bitter little vid on talking with girls. Update: the Youtube community has marked this 18+ content due to the violence. To give a brief text alternative… Stick figure women reacting violently to a stick figure guy’s increasingly more timid attempts to converse. Stick figure guy then approaches a woman and says “I have money,” only to be showered with affection.

I probably enjoy it more than I should, but I’d claim that inside every guy there’s a part that’s afraid that women think like that. So I’ll justify my enjoyment by saying it’s a chance to laugh at my fears… or by using fancy german words. (Ain’t schadenfreude grand?)

But I’m curious to see when (if) the flip side of this will show up. The viral about guys being really interested then suddenly ignoring you, being generally cold and unresponsive, freaking out about needing their space, treating you like a consolation prize…

Of course, if we’re to keep with the finish of the original, we need some kind of something that brings the boys in, and the change/magic possession needs to come from fears that women have about what turns guys around.

I know what I’d guess, but I’m actually more curious to find out other folks have to say… not just about the right finish, but what are the right scenarios for the girls’ version of this vid?


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