180,000 miles

I’ve been sitting on this one for nearly two weeks… where does the time go?

Two Sundays ago, Lucille completed 180,000 miles, making it over 100,000 miles that she and I’ve been together. She’s earned herself another epithet.

Things started simply enough. Dad found a new car, Kevin and I were out at BYU, Lucille came to us. Kevin got married and didn’t need a car, I graduated, and it was just Lucille and me. By the time Kevin left the picture, Lucille had solidly established herself Canyonrunner, shooting back and forth through Provo canyon and any other we could throw our time into.

A few summers ago, she became Crosser of Nations, trekking from Georgia to California with me in our days of poverty. As always she came through, handling the hills of San Francisco with her bluesy grace despite a slimy, chattering clutch I couldn’t afford to fix.

The following year, she became Uniter of Decades, completing a decade of service to the house of Hoch, and beginning a new one despite finding her patron unable to supply her more than noble titles. (Conditions have improved since.)

Given her faithful service regardless of the situation, I wanted something special, but after a string of victory title style epithets, finding something to express her long term faithfulness, nor her improved agility and responsiveness in the past year and a half. Wine doesn’t age well as she’s been. Most age titles that feel even remotely right are too masculine, so I’m left with the one that occurred to me that morning.

But getting to business…

Lucille Canyonrunner, Crosser of Nations and Uniter of Decades, in recognition of more than 180,000 miles of service to the house of Hoch and over 100,000 in to our royal person, We name you Lucille Canyonrunner, Diana Prince of Motorcars.

Obscure? Sure. But then… so’s the practice of awarding honorifics.
Besides, the titles aren’t any fun if they don’t require a little digging by the uninitiated.


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  1. tee hee hee!! That’s flippin sweet 😉 Congrats to Lucille, and may you have more years together!!

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