Blogger disappointments

Having run into another friend on Blogger yesterday, I finally set myself up a little account to see what they have to offer, see if it’s worth switching from my LJ ways.

I like the customization, but I’m really not sold. I’m actually less sold than I was before checking it out. (’s more tempting, but lacks the same key feature.)

An advantage Blogger provides over LJ (comparing free account to free account) is the ability to code your own template. This means finally being able to add the AudioScrobbler/ and Flickr javascript bits I’ve been wanting to add to my LJ, along with one analytics program or another.

But it comes at the cost of LJ’s security and friends features, which I hold near and dear.

Thus far, I’ve seen no way to write a private or Friends-only post in Blogger. You either post something for the world to see, or you don’t. On the LJ, I can hide the personal stuff from unwelcome eyes and keep it to the friends and family, or some subset of friends or family.

Blogger might handle a family blog nicely… except that my top priority for a family site is to keep access to family members. If that’s not a concern, Blogger might serve you well. Though honestly, in many respects, is a better free service. Still no “just the family” posting though.


hey dummy, go to sleep!


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5 responses to “Blogger disappointments

  1. Those are interesting findings! I was thinking about leaving LJ too, at one point, but I had pretty much the same conclusions as you. I enjoy the friends only and private settings. It’s so hard to be a blogger in today’s world 😉 to many decisions!! ha! Don’t leave LJ! I would miss you ;(

    Have a splendid day though!

  2. I’m all into everything Web 2.0 and AJAX-y as of late. Blogger fits right into that category. As you mentioned, having complete and utter control over your template is Blogger’s strong point… and is definitely what sold me on it. Granted, LJ had a friends network kinda dealy, but… *shrugs* I dunno, if they’re real friends, won’t they bookmark or link to you anyway? 😉

  3. I don’t think my personal blog’s moving anywhere soon. The biggest complaint I had for a while was that I hated all the templates, but I’ve found a new layout I actually like, so that helps.

    WP had me pretty tempted with its web 2.0 goodness, but I really don’t feel like migrating anywhere just now. Probably not until RSS readers are common enough that things like the handy-dandy LJ friends page don’t matter anymore.

  4. Really, I don’t care who uses what — although I do think Blogger is better. It’s got class. But I love Google. Love it. A lot of people I know use MySpace and Live Journal, so sometimes I want to sign up, just so I can catch up on my friends. But I absolutely HATE having to remember password after password. Logging on to stuff stinks.

    At least Live Journal is better than MySpace, though. Anyone can leave comments on here, which I think is great. Basically, this is how the blogging trinity goes: Blogger, Live Journal, and someting else. MySpace would be the devil. 🙂

  5. Yeah… managing multiple accounts is a pain… but knowing who’s commenting on your blog is kinda nice *cough*. ;^) [Sara didn’t sign her original comment on LJ.]

    To its credit, Blogger handles outside comments pretty well, allowing the name and site typeins. LJ does a decent job of the same with OpenID. (Though I’d like to see them integrate it better into the friends system, so you can use it to see locked posts.)

    Blogger’s nice, but as far as class I’d have to favor TypePad for paid services, WordPress for free ones. Both provide a fine set of templates, use semantic markup and CSS, support categories and Trackback commenting, and WordPress rolls folksonomy style tagging (like on flickr and into the system… and an Atom/RSS feed for comments.

    So to my mind the trinity of free, hosted blog services (based on a combination of class and web 2.0 goodness) would be WordPress, Blogger, and LJ. (I still haven’t bothered with MySpace, something about never hearing anything good about it.)

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