Averaging Gradius

Screen capture of multiple runs of Gradius overlaid on one another

Here’s a little more eggheaded gaming item… averaging maps of Gradius, a little proof of concept R. LeFeuvre at The New Gamer put together back in January.

Le Feuvre took a bunch of play throughs of the first level of Gradius and overlaid them to compare common paths and approaches players took to the level. It gets a little messy to try and follow a specific player, but some of the variations are pretty cool.Now I want to see someone do this kind of visualization for frequently hit maps in World of Warcraft. I’m curious to see if there’s much variation in paths and approaches to encounters. From what I’ve seen, optimal practices tend to circulate pretty quickly among players, then become expected of everyone. (Unless of course, you’re Leeroy Jenkins.)

Again, a shout out to José for pointing this out.


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  1. Oh nice. The timing on this couldn’t have been better as I’ve been on a retro kick as of late.

    *pew pew pew* L4Z3RZ!

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