Cooking… now in DS form

Cooking Mama screen grab

One of my EGL friends sent on a vid of Taito’s クッキングママ (Cooking Mama).

Yes, it’s a cooking video game. Yet another reason that the Nintendo DS is so awesome.

(And a nice bright spot to lighten my sick day.)



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2 responses to “Cooking… now in DS form

  1. I didn’t know you were a Nintendo fan. I mean, I know you’re a gamer, but gamers are often split in their allegiances. So. I thought you might like to know about my brother Blake’s Nintendo site — Apparently it’s a one-stop shop to all things Nintendo. Check it out.

  2. Nice that… except the disappointing news from Rare. Not releasing their back catalog on the Revolution. Guess it’s a good thing I was never all that jazzed by even their good stuff. Most of their big stuff was FPS (Goldeneye), and that’s really not me. I bet Konkers would have had me rolling on the floor though.

    As far as game fandom, the way I see it, when you see quality you gotta testify, regardless of color, creed, or electricity. (Card gamers of the world, unite!)

    As far as console/arcade games though, I’m all about quirky or retro. Wario Ware, Katamari Damashii, Viewtiful Joe, Cooking Mama, Sakura Taisen. My masters project at Tech was a game blending the two basic genres of Japanese romance games, so stuff one might claim is off the beaten path… and I love anything really old, except the Journey arcade game, which is total and utter crap. (Trust me, I’ve played it a few different times.)

    Nintendo tends to fit really nicely into both quirky and “vintage.” Especially with what they’re doing with the Revolution and the DS.

    Of course, my thing for online games where you can socialize while beating up monsters tends to eat up all the time I’d devote to the quirky and retro stuff. Monthly fee for an online game is easier to finance too… I have a hard time throwing down the cash for console games. That’s a theater ticket, or a posh dinner, or any one of a number of dates… or a really sweet pile of comic books.

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