A week ago I threw around some ideas about what blogging software I’d prefer for my personal blogging.

Looking back on it, I was talking based on pretty limited experience.

  • I love how WordPress works when it’s on my own host, but how is it when they’re doing the hosting?
  • Are there features that Blogger provides that I missed when I did my little test blog?
  • As much as I love LJ’s social tools, is it missing anything that still drives me nuts?

So this evening, I set up editions of my personal blog on WordPress.com and Blogspot.com to run alongside my LiveJournal, so I can do a real comparison to see where each package shines and where they fall short. I’ll be mirroring content over the three sites for the next few weeks. Comment on whichever you’d prefer, I’ll copy the comments over as best I can.

Let me know which version of the blog you like best. I’ll try to make the most of each blog’s options, but the key thing is which is most fun and easiest to use. You can have the coolest software ever, but if your friends can’t get what they’re looking for, what good’s all your leet software?


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