6 months

About this time of year I tend to think back to what I was up to 6 months ago and how I’ve used the time. (And ain’t it awesome to finally get some real spring this week! Lucille’s been so excited… convertibles are great.)

This set of 6 ain’t lookin’ too shabby.

  • 6 months ago this weekend, I was in Waveland, MS with a work crew
  • Next day was my birthday
  • Started dating a gal I got to know during the Waveland trip
  • Finished up rehearsals and performed the radio show.
  • In the end we only had two traveling performances with veterans, but it was cool to talk with the WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets (the younger, more recent vets all came to the Roswell shows)
  • Did a great karaoke rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody with Jey and Cliff in front of all our friends
  • Followed by a really sucky version of Don’t Stop Me Now, which was supposed to be the easy one
  • Finally went contra dancing… or was that more than 6 months ago
  • Got back into superhero comic books something proper… thanks to DC’s Infinite Crisis event
  • Saw my comic book shop of choice close its doors forever
  • Dumped City of Heroes to start playing World of Warcraft with my friends from Tech and GSU
  • Got so busy with church stuff that I haven’t played WoW in a couple months, leaving my little gnomish trade empire in shambles
  • Had a great Thanksgiving with most of my family (so great it was even okay that we were in Utah)
  • Finally got to meet my li’l sisters boyfriend and realized that he really should be a full member of the family… when they’re ready
  • Started listening to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books on my iPod. Fun, fun stuff, especially the ones read by Nigel Planer
  • Left Comcast cable service for Dish Network, been very happy with it
  • Broke up with the aforementioned gal I’d been dating, learned some interesting things along the way
  • Had a great Christmas with Mom, Dad, Adam and Heather (even though Eric and Jo didn’t come… even though it was our year this year)
  • But we had a rousing round of We Three Kings, which made us feel okay about being abandoned
  • Purchased The Chosen Collection just as it went off the market, have celebrated by watching Angel instead when there’s TV time, because for whatever reason, I like that Buffyverse series more
  • Saw off my quorum instructor, as he moved into a new neighborhood where he, his wife, and their daughter will own their own house
  • Watched him bless his daughter with his tios, primos, and other family members
  • All of which makes more sense if you know that at the beginning of these six months, he wasn’t really keen on doing churchy stuff at all
  • Got my “professional/official” blog going (the one that’s not this one–where I talk about all that eggheaded information architecture and game stuff)
  • Hit South by Southwest Interactive for the first of as many times as circumstances will permit
  • Which is to say that I went to Texas, messed with it, and returned home safely
  • I got to baptize in the temple a time or two, which I love doing because I love saying the prayer (and all the Spanish names), and trying to make it a special experience for the proxy and the one getting baptized. That and working at the veil are the coolest things a man can do in life… well, almost the coolest
  • Said the occasional thing actually worth saying on the xuhoch blog. Mostly political and politics and religion stuff that felt important… though commenting on friends’ posts has been cool and helped reconnect with folks I’d been a bit alejado from
  • Got a few of the hermanos together before Priesthood session to have ice cream… anybody want popsicles or ice cream sandwiches?
  • I’ve been dressing more how I’d like (comes with that replacing old clothes thing)
  • Which has led to at least a few of those much needed Johnny Bravo moments in front of the mirror
  • Helped Mom and Dad get their media player working again so they could listen to General Conference together
  • Which is to say that Dad’s been making it a priority to listen to conference (even cut short a phone call with me so he could listen)
  • Which isn’t something that I did, but it’s mighty mighty cool
  • Visited some families with our branch president… today we even got to actually talk with a family instead of standing outside doors that wouldn’t open
  • That one makes a lot more sense if you know how awesome he is and how much he’s grown in the past 8 months
  • Was officially re-dubbed Superman at work (due to my failure to stop Katrina and subsequent 05 hurricanes, I was stripped of the title, just got it back on Friday)… it’s a sandwich shop thing, so it’s important but makes no sense without explaining a bit

Yeah, a bit of a haphazard list (for effect of course), but there’s the occasional northern California nugget in there.

I’d like to think I’ve grown, but honestly, I’m around myself too much to see many of the changes. I got more proactive at work and started organizing things with friends from church so I can see them more than just FHE or institute night. I’m socializing a bit more in those amorphous large group situations (post-institute) that I don’t really like. (I really just typed that “out loud,” didn’t I?) I’m getting a better fix on how to encourage the hermanos to get out and visit their home teaching families more faithfully.

Still doesn’t feel like enough though. So much more to do. We’ve got families having tough times, we still haven’t quite worked out how to get everyone on the same web standards “page” at work, spiritual matters could use more attention, as could a number of the friendships that I hardly seem to have time to maintain.

And as Cassiel reminds, there’s that whole “find a girl, have a family” thing, but not all of us have Damiel’s luck on that one. (Of course, Marion doesn’t shine her brightest until the follow up.)

Anyway, looks like I’ve got some things to shoot for these next 6… hope I can hit ’em.


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