Analytics, baby!

My roommate and I were talking this evening about how a couple of my brothers don't drive, where he bought his car, how much I hope not to have to deal with it for a while longer. (At least not until some nice turbodiesels or ethanol cars are available on the used market.) Anyway, just having a quiet conversation as we tried to keep ourselves from starving and–


I just got my invite code for Google Analytics!!

(And yes, when I really geek out, I shriek like a Japanese schoolgirl.)

I'd been waiting for so long, I figured it just wasn't going to happen. (The real shocker will be if my MeasureMap invite code comes in later this week.)

Anyway, I'm pleased as punch… or a Japanese schoolgirl at a Happatai concert (or Dir en Grey if she's edgy).

Google analytics summary page
Bow before my empty data bucket!

At work I'm pretty close to the statistics for a number of our center's sites, so I get a bit of mileage out of site statistics. As a software geek, I also get a lot of mileage out of comparing different packages that do the same thing (which you might have noticed with the recent triple threat approach to 青龍偃月刀). So now I get to compare the package we pay bank for at work with the one Google provides for free.

(In fairness to those that charge, Google gets to use a copy of your analytics data for their own purposes, and Google can get better ROI on that than most analytics only companies. Some of the digirati pointed to this kind of thing years ago as the way Google could really dominate the search/finding market. While you could get paranoid about this, from what I can tell in the short term, everybody wins.)

Anyway, with comments like "Google can use this to rule the world" and the likelihood that I'd start explaining what all the different stats are useful for and why they're cool (d00d!), the flood of geek particles drove him into his room.

Me have googly analytics now. Miso happy!

(I'll save the stuff about specific stats I'm excited about until there's comments. That way you don't have to suffer with them until you've asked. Besides, until someone comments, there probably won't be enough data to give examples anyway.)



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2 responses to “Analytics, baby!

  1. Hey, very cool! And I don’t suppose you get invited to hand out, do ya? 😉

    By the by, be on the lookout for this:

  2. Re: invites
    They only take direct invite requests, no Gmail style invites to hand out to friends. 😦

    Yeah… we’ve run into the same kind of piggyback data at work. It’s one of the perils of using the javascript tagging method for gathering traffic data.

    What gets really silly is when the scripts run from a copy of the page on someone’s hard drive. We actually had to restructure how we deployed the scripts at work to make sure we didn’t get any of this accidental data. (Our privacy policy’s pretty strict about gathering info on the file structure of people’s hard drives, even if it’s an accident.)

    The IP limiting is a handy solution, but like some of their users have noted, leaving things open can be a handy way to see when people are grabbing your pages wholesale and reposting them somewhere else. (Don’t think I’ll need to worry much about that one though.)

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