Ichiban mas!

The karaoke outing turned out rather nicely, but to my shame I have to admit, I’ve failed you all.

There are no pictures to tell the tale of our musical escapades. I’m between cameras and nobody else thought to bring theirs, so no photo love to share.

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Rocked even without piccies though. Next time I’ll want to organize things to more quickly establish the mood so we don’t lose time not knowing what we want to sing. (I did an okay job of just piling on the tracks when things were getting slow, but I may be better off with an accomplice next time. If you love karaoke, know your music, and are willing to sing anything, no matter how ridiculous, apply below.)

Some surprises: cancellations opened up a nice opportunity for the evening… I was able to call Una and Lisa and get them on board. Haven’t seen them in way too long.

I can’t really recap or properly highlight, what we sang is all blurring together. We had the necessary weepy songs, hammy songs, metal songs, power ballads, an interpretation of Ironic by Julie Andrews, and Apu singing Tubthumping. In the end, we covered things rather well… even handled one song in Korean and another in German… kinda.

Some things to remember for next time…. don’t schedule it in the height of the Atlanta Pollen Festival (could hardly sing, now I’m coughing my lungs out), do dinner or something before karaoke time and get everybody hyped, and find and make use of every resource you have to loosen folks up. Once everybody’s relaxed, the good times will flow like Canadian hooch in prohibition. Oh… and get doot next time, or maybe just make it a PO thing.

Anyway, good times. Sorry to have missed out on some of the other goings on this evening, but not sorry enough to miss out on karaoke night. (I managed to get to the twins’ house eventually, but too late. They were really cool about inviting me, so I feel bad about missing their shindig.)

Inspirations have I none, just to touch the flaming dove.
All I have is my love of love, but love is not loving.


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  1. Good times indeed. Brian, thanks for the invite. It has been too long, mang.

    I’ve never done anything like that before, but always had a bug in me to do so. As completely terrifying it was to me (I have a phobia of public speaking… singing is on a whole other level), I got through it with the help of smiling, friendly faces. Thanks to all for that.

    And, agreed… Rina needs to be on-board for something like this.

    My absolute favorite moment was Lisa singing in Japanese improv… and then halfway through saying… “Um… I forgot the words.”

    “We all live in a Yellow Submarine”

    “A what?”

    “…a Yellow Submarine”

    “A who?”

    “…a Yellow Submarine”


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