a web based prayer app?

Stolen from the pages of plainasm.

Going through web app bookmarks on ma.gnolia tonight I happened on something curious: a prayer request management and tracking application.

At first I wondered if this was for real or if someone thought they’d channel their web 2.0 energy into a “2.0 for Jesus” satire.

Initial reactions aside, this makes a lot of sense for religious folk… a space where you can develop a community of prayer, sharing things you’re praying for with friends, getting to know friends of friends through praying for them and trading comments. (It wouldn’t hurt the more self serving goal of just keeping your prayer requests straight either.)

What I see as the big unknown quantity is whether people will be shy about sharing the things they’re praying for with the community at large. It provides ways to do so, and ways to limit prayer items to a specific list of friends. My initial guess would be that people will keep their sharing pretty tight, but then, I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be so free as I am about sharing bookmarks through del.icio.us or ma.gnolia, or photos on flickr, so what do I know?

So… you think the web using public’s ready to basecamp their benedictions? Would you use such a tool to build your own prayer circle?


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