Whinebox: Silk, the Life Buoy of soy milk

Photo of Silk soy milk productsI love chocolate milk, but after having read about some of the things that dairy farmers do to increase production (hormone treatments, widespread use of antibiotics), it isn’t the same. I don’t have a great need to lactate, and I don’t usually run around with bacterial infections that need curing, so I try to keep my recreational milk drinking low.

Paranoid? Maybe it is, but not harmfully so.

So for my chocolate milk fix I’ve taken to drinking soy milk, partly because it scratches my choco itch, partly because it’s the most palatable form of soy milk. (Vanilla works out fine on cereal, but I’m not enough of a soy veteran to just drink it straight.)

Anyway… I promised I’d whine. There’s two major brands of soy milk available at most stores I go to. Silk is the slightly less expensive of the two, so while I prefer 8th Continent, I occasionally reach for the Silk out of my innate miserliness.

I really gotta stop doing that. You see, Silk’s the Life Buoy of soy milks. It lacks 8th Continent’s smoothness and falls short of its piquant after-dinner flavor: so thin and empty by comparison. It’s chocolate water lacking the smoothness of the full bodied 8th Continent choco soy. It’s like seeing Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind or House of Sand and Fog after watching The Rocketeer. A stick figure stand-in for what used to be a full bodied, classical beauty.

So the lesson is, don’t buy Silk to save a few pennies. Before you know it you’ll be writing disjointed LJ posts about how a brand of soy milk’s flaqueza parallels the tragedy of modern fashion turning its back on fine feminine curves in pursuit of the perfect waif.

And nobody wants that.


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