It’s time to end my blogging hiatus.

In efforts to rebalance my time, I decided I needed a bit of a blog vacation to reacquaint myself with sleep and some of the other on and offline activities I used to engage in during my bloggin’ time. Besides, my inner copywriter was starting to get out and shame my regular, more mediocre writing, so it was off to solitary… for his own good.

One of the more visible parts of my hiatus is giving some care to my flickr photos and setting up some groups to share family photos. (Like pics of my nieces, also available on blogger.) Time on my family’s web board won’t be visible to most of you, but there’s other things I may scare up some photos for when there’s time.

This one’s only a promise that there’s posts in the pipe, and a somewhat lame apology for not mentioning I’d be disappearing. But to focus on what’s ahead, I’ll start off with a meme or two (the music 8 ball one’s taking forever). We’ll see where the muse leads from there.

…and I’ll try to get myself back up to date on all those blogs I haven’t been reading or commenting on.


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