get your flickr on

My family’s been looking for a good way to share photos. We’ve tried a few things with off the shelf self-served gallery applications, but for the past few months I’ve been leaning on folks to just go with flickr.

I’ve managed to pull some folks over, so now I can quickly share some photos of events past (and people familial).

From the long lost South by Southwest 2006 archive…

Originally uploaded by silver7728.

Me, Mom, Dad, and Eric. (Johannah’s taking the picture so she doesn’t have to be on the business end of the camera.)

Originally uploaded by silver7728.

Me, Dad, Eric. Never expect me to behave myself if I know you’re taking a picture of me. You want a serious shot? One word. Candid.

Now off to sunny Provo, Utah. (Don’t everybody get excited at once.) Fortunately, there’s the occasional cool person in BYUland.

Originally uploaded by silver7728.

I’m not the only one that can’t keep from gettin’ their laugh on all the time. Here’s Adam and Heather outside the Crabtree engineering building at BYU in Provo. (No, BYU doesn’t keep it’s engineering classes in temporary buildings. The Crabtree’s out of frame.) I think they’re dressed up cuz they both have church in the Crabtree or something. (I so don’t miss having church in lecture halls.)

Originally uploaded by silver7728.

Adam at peace, manipulating the elements with his powers of dance.


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