Sometimes opportunities present themselves that must be taken… ones that involve significant amounts of change.

Tuesday will see the end of my life as a government contractor for the foreseeable future, with Wednesday seeing me start on something new and a touch different: leading info architecture and user experience at Roundbox Media, a consultancy in midtown ATL that develops education apps delivered over the web.

Some of the work will be similar to what I’ve been doing the past couple years, but apps tend to be more intense on the IA and UX than static web sites. Lots of design to work out and schematics and wireframes to make. I’ll miss working with folks in public health, but education’s a good market and it’ll be nice to be back. (There’s talk of bringing in some more conventional web app clients, but demand for our education work keeps expanding. We’ll see how the diversification goes over the next few years.)

The standard stuff people have been asking me… yes, this is a step up from what I was doing, yes, this is exciting work, and no, excited doesn’t do justice to how I feel about this new job… think Willowesque strings of excited babbling and you’ll be close.

The work’s going to be very cool, though more intense, the atmosphere much more relaxed (business casual, emphasis on the casual on dress up for the client days, pets in the office from time to time, telework twice a week). I’ll be working closely with the creative director (my boss), graphic designer and developers to try and make dreams come true. (It could happen to you, give us a shout.)

Other stuff… there’s talk of work blogging and presenting at conferences. I don’t know how all the details of that will be working out, but I’m looking forward to it. Work will be plenty close to Tech also, so I may get the occasional opportunity to visit edu tech lectures on campus, maybe spend some time with PhD friends over there. And I may have to make the occasional business trip to our office in Costa Rica. From what I hear there’s a lot of peer pressure to go surfing after work and on the weekends.

What can I say? Pura vida.

So I’m waiting for Wednesday.


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