just don’t get people sometimes

Just had one of those “interesting times” moments…

I came into the parking lot for one of my early evening haunts and saw that there was a family that had just parked their car across from the space I was planning to take and they might want to walk through the parking space I was eyeing. Trying to be nice, I stopped short and waited for them to walk through.

It took a minute, but they eventually started through, everything as expected.

Then something odd happened… as they walked through, the mom gave me this “how dare you think of parking here” sort of look. Very Celeste Kane/Principal Snyder.

Anybody else running into these sorts of situations, or am I the only one blessed with random strangers that think all good deeds need punishing?

(And yes, I’m aware she could have had an entirely different perspective on the event than I did. I certainly hope she did. But is this a sign of something more worrisome… that all things being equal we’re all so caught up in our own perspective that we just pass out the dirty looks without thinking anymore?)


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