putting the j back in my lj

Journal writing by headlamp, from erik and matt's fantastic ride (robots.mit.edu/people/ lichter/biketour/index.html)Today in church we had a lesson about the value of keeping a daily journal, and while I was happy to count this as a journal of sorts, I really treat it as more of an article based blog than a journal covering regular or daily events.

Part of it’s an issue of not wanting to air everything on my LJ, another that I don’t really feel like boring people with the details of what I’ve been up to. (Though it might pay to remember that descriptions of one’s life are often most boring to the teller.)

So for the next little bit at least, 青龍偃月刀 will be fortified with journal entries. Fortunately, LJ’s view controls should work to provide McDLT style separation goodness, keeping the journal side journally and the blog side bloggy.


written in a more daily “what happened today, what I’m thinking about” kind of format, not a lot of attention to voice, tone, or audience

I’m not trying to entertain, cover specific topics, or tell cool stories in these as much as just say what’s been going on in my life and maybe how I feel about it.
written with more attention to voice, message and audience. These are the entries where I’m trying to address specific topics, provide some fun reading, and maybe even have fun with writing.

They’ll tend to be more topic based and less “this is what I’m doing this week.” Think stuff like the “silk is suk” entry or the MMO stuff that I’m still only halfway through. Some will include personal insights, some will just be me going off, highlighting something I think’s cool, or trying to be funny. (And hopefully being less redundant than these last 3 sentences.)

Here’s the plan so far…

  • I’ll mark all the journal entries with a “journal” tag so that they can be easily identified by the tag. I may also put “Journal:” into the titles, since my LJ layout doesn’t show the tags until the bottom of the entry.
  • Lock down the journal entry stuff down to LJ friends, subgroups, or just me, depending on how shareable the entry seems.
  • Depending on the entry, I’ll turn comments off on journal entries. Sometimes I’m just writing for myself, posterity, or to get thoughts down.

I think that will work reasonably well. The more bloggy folks that I don’t think will want to read the journal stuff tend to refuse to jump through the necessary hoops to see any protected entries, so they won’t see the journally goodness that I don’t expect they’ll appreciate. (And if they want to see it, I’ve got LJ free account keys they can ask for.)

For you guys that can see protected entries, if I mark the journal stuff clearly, it’ll be easier to skip if you don’t care about it. Comments on “I’d rather not see the journal stuff, I’d rather just see the bloggy stuff” or “I don’t understand why you don’t make this visible to everybody” will help me work out the proper balance for visibility/invisibility. (So comments are officially welcome, even requested. Just keep in mind that I may not agree with your suggestions and may not follow them, so no nerf herding please.)

We’ll see how it goes. Should be fun.


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