Journal: Vox Mackenzie

My Vox invite came through today. Looks like it comes with a guest invite or two, so if anybody’s wanting to check it out, get in touch. Initial playing around says it’s got some cool stuff going for it. Down side? The free version runs on ad revenues from bottom slung text ads. Not as intrusive as top banners, but that detail still feels a bit ’98. Well thought out services from what I can tell, some good hooks for getting non-blog folks going, and lots of buzz on the blogosphere about it being “blogging for adults.” (I think the “for adults” is overblown, but something tells me that’s how the public at large with think of it… those that think of it at all anyway.)

Since I couldn’t work out where I’d seen Veronica Mars pal “Mac” Mackenzie, I did the obligatory imdb search this morning. Mac’s played by everyone’s favorite (and probably only) Tina Majorino. Most folks will know her as side pony tail sporting photographer Deb of Napoleon Dynamite fame.

Willow’s still my biggest TV character crush, but given Majorino’s real-life computer geekiness, opera background, and hip hop choreographer ways, Mac’s giving blessed Will a bit of a run. (That said though, I’m finding VM a shade meaner than I’d like lately. Maybe it reminds me too much of middle school. The rich kids were as vengeful, capricious, and insecure, but even my worst encounters never got quite VM mean. Similarly outcast, but nobody trying to frame me for felonies.)

Work was pretty cool today. I was able to get some things clarified and am a little closer to being able to make use of our Tues and Thurs flex days. (Whee work at homeness!!) Got a bit of a brain dump from Justin about data structures on the learning system I’m adding features to, and a lot of “don’t worry about throwing our programmers stuff they can’t handle, they’ll blow you away” and “just do what’s best for the user.”

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

Home evening was fun, if maybe not my greatest social moment. I socialized a little more than I’d been doing lately, mostly with James and his sister.

Charles asked me if I was exhausted again today. Apparently what I thought passed for mellow comes off as closer to unconscious. That might help to explain why I haven’t really got to know new folks or got to know known folks better at social functions lately. The “I don’t know what to talk about with these people” factor has been increasing lately, as has my read from people that they don’t really care to talk with me anyway. Such is life, but I need to find the way I’m going to break this pattern or despite my unspeakable coolness, I’ll be all by my onesie for a long, long time.

So, some things to do:

  1. Rend the veil of lethargy
  2. Find where my mojo ran off to

It’s been ages since I got an event together (responsibility exhaustion with a case of low ROI). It may be time to make some things happen again. Even if nobody else really cares for the event, people tend to appreciate that I’ve provided something to do that they didn’t have to come up with themselves. Sometimes people actually get into whatever off the wall thing I’d come up with and enjoy themselves.

Coming back to more general sociality, when I’m on, things tend to go well… just haven’t been on much lately. Had a double case of failed whammy early this spring and haven’t quite caught my rhythm since. Doesn’t help that I tend to restrict things to mormon girls. In a culture where women lament being old maids at 21, and my interests are already afield of tradition, I’m not really inhabiting the same world as them anymore. (I also sport a touch of Medea’s curse, but that’s largely a locality issue. If I lived in NYC, DC, SF, Boston it would be less pronounced.)

And we won’t get into how much more interested non-mormon girls tend to be in me than mormon gals (and vice versa.) There are at least three solid opportunities in the past four years that I totally threw away for fear of religious differences causing trouble if things actually went anywhere.

But I wasn’t getting into that.


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