Journal: nothing to report

Not a whole lot to say today. Work was good, though a bit stressful.

I’m not getting my head around our project as fast as I’d like, and building wireframes for new functions is taking longer than I want it to, partly because I’m still figuring out how this app works, partly because I’m rebuilding some of the old wireframes from scratch because the old wires were done in a program we don’t have access to anymore.

Work will run long tomorrow if I don’t manage to speed things up. I think I’ve got the bulk of what’s left for tomorrow figured out, and we’ll see if the wireframes come more quickly. I’m coming onto this project at a high stress time, so I’m riding myself more than I probably should to get things done quickly.

Institute was cool… had a discussion about not being insular (we religious folk are different from them unreligious ones) and about maintaining gospel based standards of conduct in our homes regardless of what the prevailing culture where we live may dictate. It was an interesting evening of potential contradiction that resolved rather nicely. Talked with a few folks during the conversation masses that tend to follow class. I’m getting a pretty strong “you’re weird, aren’t there other people you could be talking to?” vibe off people, but I kept at it for a while anyway. I think even Jeremy’s wishing I’d go play in traffic, and normally the man’s totally unflappable.

An interesting evening after hearing from Efraín “I don’t know why you find it so hard to find a girl.” My escape line of “maybe I’m just picky” didn’t work especially well, leading to a 5 minute explanation of what he thought was required in a relationship. To my glee he went from a very simple (and rather unrealistic start) through various layers of complication before I told him I needed to go.

I think I know what I’m looking for, and though I might be making things more complicated than they have to be, I’m getting back in the saddle. Honestly, it looks to me like some of my friends have finally decided that I’m too old or too strange to spend time with, or they otherwise don’t really know how to relate to me. These things happen. Guess it’s time to verify as best I can, and most likely, it’s time to move on into that part of the world where you don’t have church groups handing you ways to meet people. Might teach me to make more of the opportunities I have.

Anyway, we’ll see what the future holds. Right now, I just gotta get through tomorrow’s workload and get some sleep. If I get time after phone calls and lesson prep, maybe I’ll watch some of the Superman stuff I bought to keep me in that Supes place now that I don’t have Reza and Parastoo calling me Superman every day. (The work was good, but they were the best part of my old job. I need to call Reza tomorrow and see how he’s doing, find out when I can visit with him.)

For not much to say, I’ve written way too much. Saw something today that said “talk less, say more.” Looks like it’s time to follow that advice.


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