Journal: 13 hours

Had a good 13 hours of work today. After finishing about 12 I headed home to update documentation (and try and get home before sunset).

We’re in crunch time for one of our clients, especially on IA tasks… and those have been gathering for a while awaiting my arrival. Plenty to do, little time to do it in, and me trying to design software full speed while I’m getting my head around just what we’ve put together thus far.

It’s nice to be useful, if a bit stressful.

Today’s been the kind of stress I like. The tumblers of understanding started to fall into place, so I was able to start getting things done: get focused on the design problems and sketch out more wireframes than I’ve turned out in ages. (Granted, people haven’t asked me for wireframes in ages.)

If I’d worked out some of the existing stuff quicker, I probably wouldn’t have had to work so long today. But somebody told me to expect this kind of situation this week. ^_^

Things should be more sane soon. The project managers are doing all they can to keep the load workable and to curb the client’s desire to revisit decisions that we made meetings ago. They feel bad that I’m already pulling a late night after just one week at the agency.

Agency work, I’ve missed you. Just start living up to the PM’s hopes and we’ll get along fine.


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