Journal: Catching up

Thursday a friend of mine from Connecticut called. Turns out she’s around the ATL for a while working as a camp counselor. We hadn’t talked in ages, we had fun catching up, I got to tell her about the new job and the fun I’m having. I got to hear about her fun and frustrating experiences with snotty campers. (Think Mercedes McNab in Addams Family Values.) Invited her to a party a bunch of our mutual friends will be at… just in time for it to get cancelled two days later. I need to give her a call and see if she’s got time to hang out, catch up a little more face to face like.

While there was plenty of cool in the conversation, I most appreciated the part where she talked about how glad she was that I’m willing to let her babble (I like listening to people) and how I can let silence be.

I worry at times that people don’t get me and silence. We’re pretty good friends. Yes, get me started talking and I’ll keep going, but if I don’t have anything to say, I don’t stumble to fill uncomfortable silences like I used to years ago. I may come off as dull as a result, but I just don’t feel like all silence needs to be filled. A lot of it’s just relaxing.

I kinda doubt other people see it that way… and at this point I’m pretty oblivious about how deafening silence can be to other people. (Unless I’m shouting silence at someone, then it’s pretty clear to me, not sure how clear to them.)

Anyway, it’s good to have friends that are happy to just be chill. My nature is to worry, so real silence is golden. Think those sunset moments of life. There you go. You got it.


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