Journal: When I say “gimme some” you say “praise”

Had a nice little experience at work today. It definitely made up for the rough spots yesterday.

Yesterday I started off a client meeting with a rough patch. It was my first meeting with this client, and rather than participating with everybody else from the office in the conference room, I was phoned in from home because my car broke down Sunday afternoon. We do almost all our meetings by phone conference, so it’s not that big a difference, but it would have been nice to be in the room with Jenn and Mike there. Jenn tends to be really good at the moral support, and Mike’s a great grounding influence.

Anyway, today was much better. Managed to get into the office because Clayton’s awesome. He gave me a ride in, even though he was headed into the office late today due to a doctor’s appointment. One shade of awesome covered. Got some details on a feature cleared up with Mike right at the beginning of the day and worked things out with Jenn to talk with Jerry (the client) about a couple loose ends. Two shades.

Talked to Jerry, and he loved the feature I presented to him, commented on how he needed to tell Justin (our CEO) that he hired himself a brilliant guy, and explained why it was more than we needed. Talking with Jerry continued to go well. He’s really excited to be able to work with me because Justin used to be handling all the work I’m doing, and there really just wasn’t time for him to do that and run the business. Jerry’s happy, Justin’s happy, I’m happy. (Though I had my worries about how happy Justin was at the time… because I tend to worry, especially the first 90 days on a new job.) Talking with Jerry (like it did yesterday) cleared up a lot of things, helped me focus how some features need to work and leave out some unnecessary stuff.

After the call, I get to tell Mike that the feature we’ve been worrying whether we’d have time to do right is more than we need and we’re gonna throw it on the “cool features for later” list. He’s got a lot less to stress about, I no longer have to stress about how I’m gonna sell Mike on the more elegant (but more programming intensive) approach to this feature’s interface. Shades three and four covered in spades.

During a phone conversation with Justin, Jerry follows through on his “gotta tell Justin” thing. Shade five complete.

Finish out some edits on a feature that the devs had been waiting on, get some time to look at a project I’ve been totally neglecting and realize that the IA will be simpler than I thought. Six shades down.

Office starts to empty, Justin asks if he can play some punk music. Turns out he’s playing the Misfits. I recognize “Vampira” and ask him if I’ve pegged it right, leading to a “now we’re going to hear the dark secrets of Brian’s past” moment. Not much dark secret, though my first concert was a punk concert back in Chicago. Naked Raygun, lead off by the Digits and the Bhopal Stiffs (yes, it’s a crude reference to the industrial disaster in Bhopal, India in the 80s). Had some good conversation anyway though… talked some about his decision to become postmormon (he didn’t feel it and didn’t want to be a hypocrite, so he chose to leave) and about how hard his teenage rebellion was for his dad… and his Sunday school teachers. Cool, but we’ll save the remaining shades for a moment.

Before heading out, Justin asked me how my day had gone (I think Jenn told him she was a little worried about how Monday had kinda beat me down) and how things were coming. I mentioned that I keep feeling like I can’t get things done fast enough (the devs are waiting on me for some to-dos). (We all know there’s an IA backlog, but I tend to put pressure on myself, especially when I’m in a new place and don’t feel like I’ve yet established a solid reputation.)

So Justin tells me about an IA thing he just got set for the devs that will keep them busy for a while, points out that Jerry spoke very highly of me today and way to go impressing the customer in the first 2 days of knowing him. And don’t stay too late, see ya tomorrow.

That was worth two. Even before leaving work, a full eight shades of awesome.



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