I can tell that we are going to be friends

Reviewing friends’ old blog posts, it’s cribbin’ time.

This week’s edition: Fictional people or people I’ll never meet that I think I’d be friends with.

Sarah Silverman
Wikipedia image of Sarah Silverman
Okay… so after 20 minutes we’d both decide I’m too prudish and she’s too blue for our friendship to work out. We’d be really friendly about it though… much more friendly than things turned out with me and Stephen Colbert.
Jon Stewart
Wikipedia image of Jon Stewart
Yes, yes, I know. Who wouldn’t be friends with Jon Stewart given the chance?
Jim Henson
Photo to come.
Willow Rosenberg
Wikipedia image of Willow Rosenberg
College days Willow especially, when she felt free to be her “I get excited about academic achievement” self and get her wicca on.

Her relationship with Tara would make it hard to pay off my Willow crush, but I’ve had almost everything else stand in the way of a relationship, sexual preference would be refreshing new territory. Besides, once I realize how dangerous it is that she’s so quick to turn to magic for everything, I’ll be sending that crush a “bored now.”

Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan (Lorne)
Wikipedia image of Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan (Lorne)
Another “who wouldn’t be friends with….” but I make a better sea breeze than you do, so I’d be closer friends with him than you would… until I got jealous of his empathic ability and he got frustrated with my bumbling attempts to help people without empathic gifts.
Cheery Littlebottom
Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch
In our discussions about how to best advance dwarvish feminism I’d probably catch a lot of “what do you know, you’re a human and a man?” but it would be great fun. Besides, I’ve always wanted to have a friend to talk forensics and alchemy with.
Clark Kent (Kal-el)
Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent
We’re not talking about the doofy facade, we’re talking about the man beneath the costumes. The ace reporter that exposed Lex Luthor’s deceit to a world that adored him. The superpowered farm boy trying to figure out who he should be. The man that would have made a mighty fine Lantern, but had the power for such work innately.
J’onn J’onzz
Wikipedia image of Martian Manhunter
What can I say? I like making friends with green skinned telepaths and empaths from other planets or dimensions. And alien or not, J’onn can teach volumes on what it is to be a man.
Wikipedia image of Hellboy
Hellboy’s not really much the friends type, except maybe Liz and Abe (kinda paranoid about non-paranormals), but I’d like to think it would work. It takes a good man to fight off the sins lying at the door, especially when people look at you and just figure you’re here as hell’s bellhop anyway.
Tim Drake
Wikipedia image of Tim Drake as Robin
Tim can be tough to get along with, but like Renoir said, we all have our reasons. Losing your dad to supervillains that figured out your secret identity isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Add to that losing your superpowered best friend, getting framed for the death of a would-be girlfriend only to find out she’s underground and heading up the guild of assassins… anybody’d be a bit edgy. Tim and I don’t have a lot in common, but boy could use a friend.
Daria Morgendorfer
Daria Morgendorfer
Daria and me would be a lot of fun. The problem would hit when I start talking about how eventually you have to give up feeling alienated and put down and start participating and she figures out that how hypocritical that is coming from me. (It’s not that I don’t participate, but I hardly do it all the time, so plenty of opportunities to cry hypocrite.)

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