This birthday brought to you by… Veronica Mars

Today more people have remembered my birthday and called, texted, or IMed than have in any given year. I haven’t heard from my family yet, but that’s just a question of time… which reminds me… need to call my Dad.

Anyway, the one to blame for many folks remembering my birthday is none other than Veronica Mars.

VM postcardTo honor the spunky sleuth, I’m posting a postcard one of my friends from work sent through a German postcard site (everybody send some love).

So how did Veronica Mars help my friends remember my birthday this year?

Elementary my dear Wallace. The season premier is on my birthday this year. I thought that was cool, so I mentioned it to my VM friends, and since the date was already special to them, it was simple to remember.

Here’s hopin’ that Roni gets a fourth season and the CW decides to move her to Wednesday next year.

Either way, once the day’s activities are done, I’ll be spending a special evening with my favorite PI.

Thanks to everybody who sent their birthday best wishes, whether Veronica had anything to do with it or not.

And sorry to everybody whose birthdays I’ve missed over the past year (even missed my roommate’s). I promise that if you can get one of my favorite TV shows scheduled to start its season on your birthday, I’ll remember to call.


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