Unclean, unclean!

So… take a couple steps back. I’ve been sick most of this week, and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

It’s not anything uniquely nasty, just long lived.

Caught a cold on Monday, was too sick to head into work on Tuesday, got better (or so I thought) and headed in to work Weds and Thurs, only to get beat down Thursday night. In what seems to have been rather inspired timing, my evening plans fell through due to someone else being sick… leaving me time to deal with the aches and chills phase in the comfort of home.

Not wanting to take chances, stayed home sick again Friday, but got so bored sitting in bed that I did about 6 hours of work. (Really got in the groove on something, and it kept me distracted from feeling lousy.) Rested again all day Saturday, and doing the same today. Made it to the late phlegmy stage, so I’m hoping it will be easily managed from here.

So why mention this here?

  1. Because although I got hold of some folks to let them know why I’ve been awol this weekend, I’d been planning to see people at a few different parties and I haven’t had the energy to call everyone and apologize for disappearing.
  2. Cuz I want to say thanks to everybody that’s phoned, texted, IMed, to see how I’m doing or to say “we missed you” or help me finish arranging the activities I was going to miss. You guys are awesome.

I’ll hopefully be back to the regular routine next week. Have to reschedule some things that went undone, but that’ll come. As I’ve resolved for the past month, I’m hoping to be a bit more visible. Here’s hoping November will go better for that.


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