Let there be music!

My music purchase list has got a bit long lately. Part of it’s a question of birthday gift cardage, the rest is putting my normal music buying schedule on hold as I prepare to migrate to a new iTunes account.

The delays have resulted in inflated wish lists or shopping carts at Amazon, CDJapan, and a list of tracks for the iTMS once I’ve made my account switcheroo.

So what’s the buzz?

Let’s go purchases/planned purchases first.

  • St. Elsewhere, Gnarls Barkley
    Crazy hit some time ago now, but the whole album is worth some time. Some very nice neo-funk things going on.
  • Peace, Anything Box
    Yes, this is mighty, mighty old, and it’s really “Living in Oblivion” that I want more than anything else on the album. But with EPs of “Living…” now running $20-30 for 5 tracks, I’m hoping this will scratch my itch. If I only had a reliable way of transferring my old 12″ vinyl of one of the gems of 90s synth pop.
  • The Million Color Revolution, The Pinker Tones
    Heard a profile of latin alternative bands on Latino USA the other day and was entranced. So much of the latin music I hear on the radio I find boring. I don’t know who does the programming for the big latin stations here in the ATL, but I’d suggest remembering that there’s more to life than baladas and reggaeton. (And I’m speaking of more than just adding european electronica.)
  • Universo Ao Meu Redor, Marisa Monte
    Weekend Edition had an interview with Marisa Monte about her two new albums. Universo is a mix of traditional and modern samba (that won a latin grammy last week), her other new album is soft Brazilian pop. Her pop recordings are good, but with the other pop I’m exploring right now, I’m sticking to more traditional fare for my Brazilian fix.
  • Happy East or Dawn, Guitar Vader
    I have to admit, I’m settling here because I don’t have a way of legally getting Remixes GVR, Die Happy, or From Dusk. They’re out of print and the chances of a re-pressing are slightly less than the chance I’ll discover I’m the last survivor of the planet Krypton.
  • Let Go, Bonnie Pink
    Bonnie enjoyed a lot of net radio popularity stateside when I was in grad school, which was probably the apex of my Jpop listening. At the time everything ran together (I tranced on jpop to get work done), so I was interested to see how many of her tracks I like now that I have better access to artist info (go go last.fm!) during my Jpop and Jrock excursions. Let Go is one of the albums she did with Mitchel Froom producing. It’s got more 70s rock and latin influence than her current work. (If I had to give a comparison for her current pop, I’d say she’s more Michelle Branch or Kelly Clarkson, less Jessica Simpson than people sometimes expect from Jpop artists.
  • Deep Forest, Do as Infinity
    This one came purely out of my last.fm listening. While last has more Jrock and Jpop than I expected to find, the cuts only go so deep for each band. I’ve consistently liked the DAI I’ve heard, time to lay down some coin and hear more.
  • the winter album, the brilliant green
    Another result of last.fm listens. Similar situation to Do as Infinity, but with a more pop feel.
  • Katamari Fortissimo Damacy
    Yes, it’s video game music. Thing is, it’s the most interesting and eclectic video game soundtrack I’ve heard in years. Plenty of jazz flavor on this, with samba, mambo, wouldn’t be surprised to find some bossa nova before it’s all done.
  • La Mujer de mi Hermano (Música original)
    This is proving to be a pretty good survey of the current latin alternative scene. It’s the only place I’ve managed to find something by Pacha thus far, and Tanghetto’s reinterpretation of New Order’s Blue Monday is pretty cool. Though with the length of this list, this one might get cut.
  • Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (Motion Picture Soundtrack), David Bowie
    I’ve got Rise and fall of Ziggy…, but I heard this version of it at work the other day and it leaves the studio album in the dust. So much freer take on the tracks. (Funny part will be when I start longing for the cleaner studio sound. I’m so stinkin’ fickle.)

The most unexpected find of recent purchases though, is a cd from a band I heard about and really liked in high school, but whose recordings were impossible to find without searching downtown record stores looking for imports.

  • Southern Lands, Cetu Javu
    I came across this listening to latin alternative the other day, and was surprised to find out that this was a German band that had a lot of success in Spain in the early 90s. I managed to find the disc reasonably cheaply, and am excited for a quick stroll through memory lane on this one.

Anyway… time to wrap up with a quick look at the watch list, then maybe part of my “been meaning to get around to” list.

Watching (artist only)

Been meaning to get to or beef up my collection of…


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