Airport wifi!

In every mormon thanksgiving, some weddings must fall.

In this case, my sister’s getting married tomorrow (!!), so I’m hangin’ at Hartsfield Jackson waiting for my flight to come up. Planning for security delays, I got in 2 1/2 hours early, after a half hour of ticketing and security, time to settle in for the 2 hour wait (or at least, the hope is for only 2 hours).

I finally let the airline sucker me into an upgrade at the ticket counter. The upgrade was pretty cheap, and I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about United’s legroom in coach lately, so I sprung for the extra space. (I’ll have plenty of flights to compare footroom, see if this is a luxury I’ll want to pay for in the future or if I wasted my money.)

I need to figure out when I’ll sneak a meal into this. Battery’s charged, so the laptop’s all set for the air. Thing is, everything close is the especially uninspiring airport food. It’s tempting to just hold out until I get to Denver… though that means eating at like 10pm subjective time.

And we’ll leave it at that for now. Been exhausted for weeks, need to force myself to relax.


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