Other people’s words: Plástico

Been thinking a lot lately about the key refrain in Rubén Blades and Willie Colón’s song Plástico. In salsa music, there’s a section of the lyric voiced by the singer then repeated by band members that (as I’ve heard) drives home the key lyric of a song.

In the case of Plástico

Se ven las caras, pero nunca el corazón.
You see the faces, but never the heart.

The song uses it a couple different ways, but what struck me is how this illustrates the necessity of communication and action in order for people to know you–people see your face but not your heart when they look at you. Your heart can’t be seen unless you make it visible through your actions or your efforts to connect with other people (verbally, bloglike, ims, whatever).

When I was a teenager, I naively thought that people just saw quality when it was there. I still think that’s possible, but I don’t think it happens nearly as often as we’d like. Life’s busy and we don’t have time to examine people that aren’t talking to us or interacting with us or others closeby. You can have a great heart, but if you don’t let the world see it through your action, people will only ever see your face.


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