SXSW Film Fest redux

In the evenings after the interactive conference sessions, had a chance to catch some of the film festival. Here’s some of the highlights.

I didn’t get to see it (sessions ran late), but the family raved about Elvis and Annabelle (trailer).

Later that night we were able to catch Manufacturing Dissent (trailer). It would be better named Michael & Me. The thesis made enough sense: Moore plays loose with the facts, using half truths and fabrications to make his points. He also adopts the elusive tactics he criticized Roger Smith of in his breakthrough film Roger & Me. While enumerating some of the fabrications is useful, the film seems to fall short in the end. They never call Moore on his fabrications, only ask him repeatedly for interview time that he never provides to their satisfaction.

An interesting narrative moment that I was able to catch was He Was a Quiet Man (official site). There’s some cool narrative threads there, but nothing I can get into without spoilers. The bleak outlook of office life is a bit exagerrated, but there’s some solid performances and some great play with trust. A warning for the more prudish (like myself), there’s some scenes where you’ll want to avert your eyes. There’s also language you may not love, but likely nothing you haven’t heard walking down the street.


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