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Got back from Costa Rica early Friday morning and since then an interesting thing has been happening… I’m going through culture shock in my native country.

Haven’t had something like this happen since I got back from living in Ecuador for two years… thing is, I was only in San José for about 3 weeks. I didn’t expect to look around at Atlanta like it was some kind of alien land. Unfortunately, as much as I’ve tried I’ve been unable to properly describe what this feels like. Explaining logistical differences (have to drive to get anywhere vs. walking to about anything you’d need) doesn’t really do the job, saying “there’s no corner bread shop” sounds quaint, and missing latin american building construction, streets, or markets doesn’t get the idea across if you’ve never been there.

The trip was great. It was all work, but I work with some fun people. We were able to break away some for a quick game of fútbol and hit Castro’s, the local hot spot for salsa and merengue. And the occasional time out for food or drinks.


So… everybody was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to hit the beach or any of the tourist sites. I’d have liked to see them, but it didn’t work out… my take is they’ll still be there when I get back next time. Especially if CR says no to CAFTA and its rather draconian provisions. (I’m simplifying, there’s a lot of discussion that needs to be done. Fortunately, the people of Costa Rica are generally well educated and there are plenty of discussions going on about whether to accept the Trato de Libre Comercio (TLC).

Anyway… I’m back, finally getting used to this crazy EE.UU. I live in, and getting back into the swing of things in the Atlanta office. Seems I’ve come back just in time for (fortunately thwarted) attacks in England and Scotland to happen and the typical political shenanigans in the homeland (Scooter Libby gets his sentence commuted without even a minute in jail).

I’ll miss San José for the next couple months. There’s things to take care of here before I can head back again. (Friend getting operated on mid month, need to fit in some time to visit the folks once my current project is over.) I’m looking forward to heading back, it was great to be able to work more closely with the developers… and I’m missing the casado and riceandbeans. 😉

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