On Vox: San José de improviso

A funny thing happened last week. After about 2 weeks back in the states, I got asked to return to Costa Rica. The coming home culture shock was basically over, I was getting settled in for a few months stateside before I could head down again… and within 3 days I’m on a plane to San José.

It’s not like I’m going to complain. Everybody knows I love it here. I’m still a bit more socially dependent on my coworkers here than I’m used to, but that will come with time and such tools of modern life as the cell phone and a better understanding of the bus system… maybe the occasional use of a car.

I’m just surprised it’s happened this way. I figured I’d be sitting in Atlanta planning the next time I could make the trip, try and figure out if I’d try to rent an apartment this time so I could have a home life and see how I face the bendito SJ traffic. Here I am, we’re working hard (the business reason I was requested is to help us beat a rather ambitious deadline), and I’m going to be here for a while (6 weeks… minus this one that’s almost over).

Not what I expected, something to be happy about, and hopefully I can get this work stuff finished up in time to have some fun with my coworkers before everybody’s night classes start up again and go play with my non-work friends before they head to the states on vacation.

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