Me pintó el camino

“Destiny painted the road that brought me here”

México, Ricardo Arjona

If I intended to keep with the “secular” tone I tend to shoot for, that’s how I would put things, but if I’m going to be properly specific (and totally honest), I’ll need to use more specifically religious language than you may be used to seeing here.

I’ve felt many times over the past months that God painted my road… starting years ago when he called me to serve as a missionary in Ecuador, when I first encountered real latin culture and learned the value of it (and got a look into some of the things we may have lost in our modernity), continuing over the past 3 years calling me to serve with the latin community in Atlanta, and more recently in arriving in Costa Rica, getting to know dear friends and living once again in a latin country.

When I received the call to serve in Ecuador I had no idea how much it would change my life. Even after serving, I didn’t understand how those years would influence the future. That missionary experience opened the door to further opportunities to serve with latin friends, over time changing the friends I have, my pastimes, the music I listen to, what I look for in my friends and in the women I date.

The Stake President that set me apart when I left for Ecuador told me that there wasn’t a day in his life that he didn’t think about having served a mission. I occasionally felt bad that I couldn’t stay the same. Yes, I remembered having served, the people I got to know, and the things I learned, but I didn’t think about it every day. Now I look at my life and find there isn’t a day of it that hasn’t been influenced by that missionary service in one way or another. Looking down the road ahead, it looks like each day will be influenced by that simple call to serve that God knew would lead to the road he’d prepared for me to walk years later.

I don’t know exactly what’s coming further down the road, but I believe I have a sense of what’s to come, and I’m excited about that future.

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