QotD: WGA Strike

Film & TV writers are on strike, which means everything except reality TV could halt production.  Do you support the strike?  Are any of your favorite shows in jeopardy?

You’d be surprised how many writers work on reality TV shows. In fact, a significant number of those striking are writers that work on reality shows and a significant part of the WGA’s negotiations are tied to compensation for reality show writers.

It’s been great to see the solidarity among show runners and writers. Jon Stewart took time on Thursday’s Daily Show to announce they’d be off the air for the strike and is paying the salaries of Daily Show and Colbert Report writers for a couple weeks, the performers on The Office are refusing to cross picket lines, Julia Louise Dreyfuss walked off the set of “New Adventures of Old Christine” and joined the picket line, Tim Kring refused to do a weekend rewrite pre-strike that would put a season ending on the last script that’s ready to go on Heroes and has supposedly been removed from the project.

It’s quite possible that all of my favorite shows will be hit hard by the strike, but I’m less concerned about losing my current favorites than being sure that writers big and small are able to enjoy the financial fruits of their labors. Some say (meaning Fox News) that the writers are a bunch of whining rich people who want more money… they apparently don’t know any of the thousands writers depend on residuals to put food on the table.

While I hope the strike is short, it’s more important to me that writers start getting residuals on digital distribution and get a sane percentage for DVD residuals. Given the contribution they make, .002% in DVD residuals an 0% on digital is shameful.

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