Our universe the bubbled-off child of parent universe

Cosmic microwave background image from NASA (via BBC)Via Warren Ellis

Background microwave radiation may point to the signature of a parent universe that gave birth to ours. Ellis has some cool commentary and a link to the BBC article where I nabbed the NASA photo.

So many interesting possibilities…



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US Presidential race Pokemon screens ;)

mediajunkie sent this YTMND anim out on his twitter feed.


Feel the Pokemon power… now in Turnercolor!

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Hugo Chavez insists his people spy on each other

Hugo Chavez

From the AP

Citizens are rioting in Venezuela thanks to an intelligence law that requires them to inform on one another or face up to 4 years in prison.

Nice Huguito… require people to spy on their neighbors. The hallmark of every great regime is sewing distrust among it citizens. :-[

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McCain’s self-contradiction troubles

TheRealMcCain.com has posted some vids on YouTube pointing out McCain’s double-talk and contradictions. Not exactly the “straight talk express” of McCains past.

“John McCain vs. John McCain”

“McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare”

And folks got after Kerry for being a flip-flopper…

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This month has brought some much needed spring cleaning to my blogging. After a number of months focusing my personal bloggin’ on Vox, I’ve found that the “even your Mom can use Vox” features are slowing me down and I’m missing some of the features of a more traditional blog engine.

So I’ve moved things back to WordPress.com, the free hosted software I most liked last time I was testing.

Another key change… in the past year I’ve taken to writing in both spanish and english. This got awkward on a single blog, as presenting in 2 languages on one blog presents only so many options, each with significant problems.

  1. Write entries in one language and include an auto-translate link
    • Pro: write once and in one language, minimal confusion for readers of the primary language
    • Con: auto translation is full of fail, people who read the secondary language have no navigation cues
  2. Write entries in both languages, put both in one entry or post each entry twice
    • Pro: everybody can see the entry, original writing in both languages
    • Con: everybody has to scroll past content they can’t or don’t want to read, must write everything twice, don’t write a lot of entries due to increased writing load

In the end it looks like it will be easier to split the blog into 2 instead of double posting everything. I’ve had complaints about “stumbling over entries in multiple languages” and I know there’s things I “was going to” write that I never got to because I didn’t think I’d find time to write about it twice.

So from here forward, English content can be found here at Qinglong yanyue dao and Spanish content at Yanyue dao.

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Music’s great, but the crowd sucks

I think we’ve all run into this… I know I have more often than I’d like to remember.

A little ditty by Wil Wheton about the perennial live music problem: the other people you attend with. Language alert for younger and more sensitive viewers. 🙂

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Festival Imperial

There’s a certain irony to a Chicagoan first seeing Smashing Pumpkins in concert in central america… in my defense, I didn’t get into Smashing until after I’d moved away for school. By the time I was back in town they’d broken up and Billy Corgan was going through his Zwan phase.


Festival Imperial rocked as hard as it should, providing the kind of thrills a festival show should. Some folks were bummed by Smashing Pumpkins’ long jam featuring “What’s that Sound” and “The Star Spangled Banner,” but it was a mighty fine show. (Okay… so I started heading toward the exit after 20m of jam… I had to get up early the next morning. I at least stayed close enough to hear them finish up with Cherub Rock.)

Incubus was also on order that night, they put in a fine performance, and one that better suited the general expectation of “they’re going to play the songs we all love.” A little jamming, but not much.


I’d have liked 10-15 minute jams from them both, but I’m one of those snotty “you can see a band’s musicianship in their ability to jam without it sucking” kinds of people.

Good festival… and the best bus service I’ve ever had at a rock show. Wandered around for 45 minutes looking for the buses due to bad signage and still managed to beat home friends that had driven and got stuck in the post-concert traffic.

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