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Fact checking

Apologies to those of you that have already heard me blab about this on Twitter, message boards, or elsewhere.

At the moment I just don’t feel I can say enough to point out and praise the Annenberg Foundation’s FactCheck.org site or their Fact Check Wire RSS feed.

The site is valuable in all seasons for its cutting through the spin on big issues, but is especially valuable with the election season upon us. Now that we’re in that magical time of year when political parties tend to stretch facts or in some cases put forth complete fabrications a little more often than they usually do.

Through a recent commercial, McCain “approved” the work of FactCheck, though rather ironically he did so while misrepresenting their work.

The latest five cases of facts gone wrong…

If anybody’s feeling like their candidate gets put upon in this list, just dig into the archive. While it seems to me McCain-Palin tend to twist the facts more often than Obama-Biden, you’ll find misrepresentations from both sides if you read through enough.

Happy checking!


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US Presidential race Pokemon screens ;)

mediajunkie sent this YTMND anim out on his twitter feed.


Feel the Pokemon power… now in Turnercolor!

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McCain’s self-contradiction troubles

TheRealMcCain.com has posted some vids on YouTube pointing out McCain’s double-talk and contradictions. Not exactly the “straight talk express” of McCains past.

“John McCain vs. John McCain”

“McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare”

And folks got after Kerry for being a flip-flopper…

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